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Uncontested Divorce/No Fault Divorce

Liberty Law Group - offers 20 years of experience in handling Virginia uncontested, no-fault divorce cases. When you are looking for a fast divorce in Virginia, an uncontested divorce is your best choice. Our low-cost legal services can be provided when one or both spouses reside anywhere in Virginia. Our divorce law firm works with clients throughout Virginia – from Northern Virginia  to Central Virginia to Hampton Roads.


We have 20 years of experience with uncontested, no-fault divorces in Virginia and we are skilled at preparing your divorce documents. If your divorce case is not complicated, our divorce lawyers will keep it simple for you. Our uncontested divorce lawyers can help you resolve financial and property issues by preparing a separation agreement or property settlement agreement. Read the requirements for each of our uncontested divorce types to see which option could be right for your situation. We will help you understand no-fault, uncontested divorce in Virginia. Call us on (757) 333-0599 or email us to schedule a free phone consultation to discuss your options.

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