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Practice Areas

Liberty Law Group is a general practice with a focus on the practice areas listed below. With over 20 years of combined experience, our attorneys are well equipped to meet your legal needs and expectations. 
Divorce & Family Law


Family Law is an area of law that includes Paternity, Child Custody, Child Support, Visitation, Contested Divorce, Uncontested Divorce, Separation Agreements and other legal issues pertaining to the family unit. At Liberty Law Group, we work with our clients to develop the best legal solutions to suit their needs. We are experienced and fully prepared to handle your family law case.


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Traffic Law


The attorneys at Liberty Law Group provide aggressive legal representation for their clients. Liberty Law Group represents clients in traffic violations such as Speeding, Driving on a Suspended License, Reckless Driving, and DUI. Points on your driver's license can result in an increase in insurance premiums. Our attorneys can help you keep points off your driver's license by either getting the charges amended, reduced or dismissed.


Bankruptcy Law


If you are facing a financial crisis, the attorneys at Liberty Law Group are here to help.  We handle Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases. In most cases, filing a bankruptcy imposes an automatic stay and the creditors are stopped in their tracks. If you are being garnished or sued, or if you are facing foreclosure, or just looking for a fresh start, give us a call.


Personal Injury & Auto Accidents

If you were injured in an auto accident or slip and fall, or sustained personal injury through no fault of your own, give us a call.  The attorneys at Liberty Law Group believe that no case is too small.  Whether it be a "fender bender" or major car accident or motorcycle collision, we can help you recover the award that you deserved to compensate you for your injuries and pain and suffering.

Criminal Law


The attorneys at Liberty Law Group provide aggressive legal representation for their clients. Liberty Law Group handles misdemeanors and felony cases such as Domestic Violence, Assault and Battery, Probation Violations, Possession of Marijuana, Leaving the scene of an Accident, Theft and Robbery cases.



Wills and Estate Planning


Planning for the future can be difficult, if not impossible. However, everyone should plan for the inevitable, and prepare legal documents to assist with the distribution of your assets and property to your family and friends upon your passing. In the absence of a Last Will and Testament, your property and assets could be caught up in a court for years, and the distribution of your property delayed to your loved ones. If you have ever thought about drafting a Last Will & Testament but have always put it off until tomorrow, contact Liberty Law Group because now is your opportunity to prepare for the future, and have your assets distributed as you choose. 


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