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Traffic Law

Hampton Roads Traffic Defense Attorneys


People are stopped by police officers for a traffic violation every day.

Often this is for an infraction, which can be “pre-paid” to the Court

without their appearing at the scheduled hearing. However, what many

people are unaware of is that when you pre-pay a ticket, you are

pleading guilty to the offense. Also when you pre-pay, there is a high

likelihood that it will add demerit points, which range from 3 to 6

points, to your driving record with the DMV. These points may cause

an increase in your car insurance premiums as well.


Since the DMV can administratively suspend a person’s license for

accumulating too many points in a given time period, we always

recommend that a client who is stopped for even a minor traffic

infraction speak with an attorney about their traffic summons. Quite

frequently, our attorneys are able to successfully get the charge

dismissed or reduced to an offense that carries either less or no points.


The first step with any traffic matter is a consultation between the client and the attorney to assess the situation. The attorneys at Liberty Law Group offer both telephonic and office consultations. Prior to speaking to the client, our attorneys confirm the pending Court date and review the relevant Virginia Code. This enables the attorney to be well prepared to advise the client in the most effective and efficient fashion.


Liberty Law Group offers representation to anyone who has been arrested or issued a summons in Virginia. We practice in each of the Hampton Roads jurisdictions, as well as the surrounding areas. Call us at to schedule an appointment to speak directly with our local criminal defense lawyers.


We can assist you with defending yourself concerning a wide range traffic charges, including but not limited to:


  • Simple speeding

  • Failure to Yield

  • Defective equipment

  • Improper driving

  • Reckless driving


  • Driving without a license

  • Driving on Suspended License


If you have a pending traffic matter, do not hesitate. Call us or contact us by using our online form.

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